Tuesday, 17 March 2009

I got some more awards.

Oh dear I am really bad at this, probably cos I find taking compliments quite difficult (a piece of baggage from my past)

I received an award last week, and will one thing and other forgot to show you and pass it on.

This award was from the lovely Aimes

Her blog is fab and has some great stuff to look through particularly the colouring tutorial, take a look and see what you think.

I'm going to pass this award on to all the lovely ladies who comment on my projects. It is overwhelming sometimes particularly in my pre-menopausal state of emotional breakdown! LOL!

I especially want to pass it onto Clare, who never fails to comment on any project I create, and Jeannette, Anne, Sarah-Jane, Sarah, Jules, Steph, Teri and Toni.

The next award was given to my by Aimes and Steph

She is such a generous soul, I love her to bits and am glad she is back, as it has been far too quiet!

This one is great and I have to say Steph always makes me smile.

My top 10 favourites to pass onto are








Hugs Sarah B X


  1. Aww thank you Sarah, how lovely of you x

  2. awww...sarah..so lovely of you..and thanks for passing it on..i just love leaving you comments on your gorgeous creations...im so glad ive found.only wish we lived nearer as i would defo come to your class.
    thanks for thinking fo me hugs clarex

  3. Thank you Sarah :) But .... it's just so easy to comment on your beautiful projects. They do inspire me and I love checking out your blog : ) And I really appreciate all the lovely comments you leave me ..... so the award needs to come right back at you :)

    Glad the little pressie arrived ok .... wasn't sure it would survive the postie trauma! Thank you again for taking the trouble to do that for me.

    Teri xx


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