Sunday, 22 March 2009


I hope you are all relaxing and letting everyone pamper you!

I thought as its a special day, I'll have a giveaway.

If you would like to win a copy of the Mother's Day pressie I gave my mum, leave me a comment about what makes a mum special!

I'll randomly choose a winner tomorrow, so leave a comment and try to encourage others to join in too.
For more details of this gift, scroll down to yesterday's post.
Hope you join in
Have a lovely day
Hugs Sarah B X


  1. good morning Sarah

    happy mothering sunday to you hun xxx

    awww..your so kind in offering a copy of this gorgeous creation..BUT...please dont count me in this much as i would love to win but peeps will start thinking im being i just love your creations.what ill do for you for being so kind is spread the word on my blog.
    good luck everyone
    and hugs to you Sarah xxx love clare xx

    p.s thanks for your email yesterday...its so kind of you x

  2. wicked mothers day gift, hope i win (fingers crossed)

  3. Wow, your so sweet to make a copy and give it away. I really enjoy seeing your creations. You do such an excellent job! What makes a mommy special is tender, love, and care. Mothers knows best to do these things, it's part of our nature. It's the simple things in life we part take on. And I do feel special when I know they appreciate the things I do for them, esp. when they say Thanks Mom!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. This is gorgeous Sarah. I think what makes a Mum special is she is the first person you turn to, in good or bad times, and she is always there. x

  5. Hi Sarah, I've just discovered your blog via Clare's. Wow you make amazing creations. I'm useless and can just about make a basic box haha! Happy Mother's Day to you, hope you are enjoying the lovely weather we're having. The best thing about my mother is that she is always there for me - simple as that! Thanks for the chance to win. Hugs, Denise x

  6. Love this Sarah, I will put link on my blog too for you, I think a mum is special because they love you unconditionally, no matter what.
    Have a lovely day,
    Hugs Sarah-Jane xx

  7. I hope US viewers are allowed in the drawing. This is the best Mum's Day present I have seen. You did an amazing job. You have lots of talent. I am excited to watch your blog for all the amazing stuff you post (and have already posted). I am putting your giveaway in my sidebar with a pic, so hopefully everyone else can see just how talented you are...
    Rachel B (

  8. Wow , how generous you are.

    Mum's are special because nobody will ever love you in the same way as your Mum does - no matter what you do!

    Will put a link on my sidebar.


  9. Hiya Sarah,
    What a great giveaway, and a lovely gift it is! Mums are special because they show you the ropes of life, and will always be there for you, ups and downs, goods and bads! I will be following your blog from now on as you have done some great work!
    Katie xx

  10. Hi Sarah,
    This just fantastic. You are so clever and as always you have made something so gorgeous.

    My Mum sadly passed away four years ago. Card making keeps me close to my mum as just before she died I made my first ever card - a birthday card in February followed by a Mothers Day card. I havent stopped since then.

    Love Terri XXX

  11. Hi Sarah
    I hope you have had a lovely day!
    What a beautiful gift and what a lucky Mum you have that has such a talented Daughter!!
    I think what makes a Mother's love special is that no matter what mistakes we make in life they accept us as we are and love us just the same!
    Belinda x

  12. Hi Sarah, this is gorgeous. You're very clever. Hope your mum liked her gift, I know I would. What makes a mum special.... she's kind, warm, loving, humourous with a big hug and kiss and advice if needed. Hope you had a good mother's day. hugs Clare x

  13. Mummy's are special because they can always kiss the boo boo's away (no matter how old you are lol) - I have reluctantly linked this fab giveaway :) xxx

  14. happy mothering sunday to you too.
    This is so kind of you offering blog candy for mothering sunday and thank you for the opportunity to enter.
    i just love your creations. I have linked on my blog cany shop side bar to your candy to spread the word.
    What makes a Mother special is the unconditional love she always gives you no matter how old you are! Oh and the tellings off too!


  15. Great giveaway babe as my son has put in his hand made card his mum is special because she makes me cards,tucks me into bed,gives me the things that make me smile,and just when she has enough time she gives me a kiss you are my special someone this alone made my day..he's seven. Mums aren't always going to around so make the most why you can...

  16. I feel like a special mum as my youngest son wrote this about me,
    a recipe for a perfect mum,
    take a beautiful smile,
    some soft hugs,
    and loving kisses,
    mix really well,
    the results are great,
    you have made my mum,
    Will link your blog in mine,
    Love your work,

  17. Wonderful giveaway...and I'm sure your mum loved it as well....mums are the one person who are always there for you no matter what.

  18. Wow what a lovely idea!
    For me a mother is understanding, loving and supportive. A mother knows when to give advice and when to standby and let you learn for yourself but most of all teach you the most important things in life that ultimately make you the person that you are today xxxx

    Happy Mother's Day!!

  19. Happy Mother's Day Sarah! What makes a mum so special is that she is there for you through thick and thin, no matter how difficult things are. She always knows the things to say and do to make things better. Hugs, Lainy xxx

  20. A mother gives special attention to children even after a hard day. Happy Mothers Day!Hugs from Brasil!

  21. What a cute little file box with wonderful goodies! I'm off to put a link on my blog to you right now!

  22. Wonderful Gift!! Moms are most special for the Unconditional Love they give!! I know My Mother has gotten me through MANY bad times with her LOVE!!


  23. Hi..this is such a lovely gift! You always do such nice things here, tyvm for sharing. Mum's are special mum is special cuz she always knows just the right thing to say when I am in a is a great gift! just like she is a great gift to me! Enjoy your day..keep sharing your work with us, we all love it! TY for the chance to win. Cher

  24. Hi ..
    what a gorgeous 'give away'..Id love to win!!
    I think your blog is brilliant and will be back again !!
    Hope you had a lovely day..!

  25. Hi. What a great giveaway! I think what makes a Mum special is that no matter what they are there for you, through thick and thin. They know just the right thing to say, and when a big hug is needed more than words!!

    Hope you had a good Mother's Day :o)


  26. Hi Sarah, just wanted to say I thought your mothers day gift was beautiful. I am a long way away from my mum and although the commercial mothers day in Australia is not for a couple of months yet, my mum much prefers the traditional Mothering Sunday so I made sure there was a card in the post for her. We are both Stampin' Up Demos so like to chat often about products and ideas, was not able to speak to her on Sunday (time differences and the fact that she was out) but she know she is always in my heart, thoughts and prayers. Thanks again for the idea, I bought the template and will be using it often I think.


  27. Hi Sarah
    Just wanted to let you know I thought your Mothers day gift is beautiful. I live a long way from my mum who only really likes the traditional Mothering Sunday (mothers day is different in Australia) so I made sure I sent a card off to her. We are both Stampin' Up demos so like to chat and share ideas, she always wants to know if I have something new here in the UK that she doesnt have!! Anyway, wanted to say I love the gift and I love your style, I bought the template so will be making a few of these myself I hope.

  28. Hope you had a great Mother's Day. The gift is beautiful. I think all mother's are special and because they always seem to make "life" better if by only listening we needed. I am lucky to still have my mother with me.

  29. So gorgeous. The box looks fabulous! I love being a mom and think there is nothing better in this world than the love between a mum and child. Hope you had a great Mother's Day!

  30. How sweet to share on your Mother's Day! I'm not sure what makes a mother special, except you only get one and as you yourself get older, your mother continues to get wiser! Mine did! I'm so glad/grateful to still have her! Love ya MOM!

  31. My mom passed away 8 years ago and I was only in my 30's. I felt so cheated. My memories of my mom make me smile each day. The best thing about my mom, which I try hard to duplicate with my own child, is her time. She made time for us and I am SO grateful especially since I dont think I was given enough time with her here on earth.

  32. My mom passed away when I was in my mid thirties. It was hard because I felt I was too young to lose my mom. What I remember most and cherish most is the time she made for us kids. It was the little moments of her time that I often reflect on. I have tried to carry that forward with my own child.

  33. What a wonderful jesture...A mom is there for not only the happy times but the sad. My daughter is realizing I wasn't such a bad mom (single at the time)as she told me many times. She has 2 girls (15 months apart) and they are the most precious things imaginable. One day she said "Sorry for the bad things I said to you. She never had to say another word. Hope you have a great mothers Day TOO. I Will. Grandma Debbie

  34. What makes a Mom special is that she is the one person you can always rely on. Unfortunately, there are lots of people who never got a Mom like that.


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