Sunday, 19 April 2009

Giveaway Winners

Hello Everyone, hasn't it been I beautiful day.

I have done my planning, all the school and work ironing is done and I have even had time to play. But I'll share that with you later.

Down to business My Holiday Giveaway Winners:

Day 1: 20 Slide Holders:


I love the idea of putting a few together for a baby, thank you Keryn

Day 2: 20 Petal cards

Milly Moo Cards

I like the idea of putting in hubby treats, I'll definitely have to try it!!

Day 3: 6 Boxes and Banners


for her idea of putting in New Mummy Goodies

Day 4: 5 Mini Books


The idea of making it into a cookbook was so different I really liked it!

And then finally the Bumper Pack goes to


randomly picked by Cameron

Please e-mail me all your details, addresses etc and I'll get your prizes out to you asap, but please bare with me, I'm back at work so may leave the Planet for a couple of days

Thank you everyone for joining in I hope you have enjoyed my giveaways.

5 weeks to the next one, unless I decide to pop one in for Bank Holiday, who knows.

Hugs Sarah B X

I'll be back later with a project!


  1. Hi Sarah. I am so pleased to win the mini books thanks. Saturday will be fine, I look forward to seeing you there.

    Natalie x

  2. Hi sarah thankyou so much congratulations to all the winners.
    Michelle XX

  3. Hi Sarah
    Thanks, i'll be better in a few days but i glad it's not discs god they are painful my friends had those. hugs Debra


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