Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Day 1 Give Away!

I love making these little booklets at the moment, and I really like the effect I'm getting with the Slide Holders.

I have challenged myself to use things I have not used or not used for a while, and these dies are one thing I've not used for a long time.

So guess what Day 1 of my give away is a bunch of these Slide Holders, a packet of twenty, I'll show you some others when I have played some more today.

The Giveaway is a bit different this time.

For the next four days I am going to show you something I have used in a project, that item will be given away on that day and it will go towards a Bumper Give Away.

What do you have to do................

Well, all you have to do is comment every day with a way to use that item.
(UK entries only please.)

How does that sound?????

So if you are interested have a go, judging will be based on the most interesting way to use the item, (as well as entering each day)!
Can I also be really cheeky and ask you to post this giveaway on your blog, Thanks all

Hugs Sarah B X


  1. Hi,
    My idea for todays give away item,
    the sliders is to make them into shakers,
    Love them little books they are so cute, and useful,

  2. I love to make things like this too Sarah!! I have just made a photo box, and I would use the slide holders on the outside to put smaller photos in - more for decoration!
    Can't wait for tomorrows!!
    Elaine x

  3. You really are such a clever, talented bunny. lol Angela and Georgia xx

  4. These are FAB!
    The slide holders would make fab little photo hangers. Cant wait to see what other creations you come up with :)
    Katie xx

  5. The little books are gorgeous. I would use the slide holders to put photo's of the boys in and make some Christmas tree decorations, I know it's a bit early, but you can never be too organised.

    Natalie x

  6. Hi
    These are really cute.
    I would use them to make up a cube gift box and pop photos,a verse and pictures in side them.
    Michelle XX

  7. Hi Hun,
    I would use them by stringing them up in a row and putting piccies of the kids in ! Love the books BTW. Have put a photo and link on my blog 4 U. Good Luck!
    Hugs Sarah-Jane xx

  8. Hi,
    These are beautiful! I would double up 6 or 8 (back to back) of them, colour them either pinks or blues and link them in a line with either small ribbons or a tiny ring and use them filled with babys date/time of birth, birth sign, weight, names, first photo etc and then give it as a 'welcome' to new parents! A mini concertina 'card'!

  9. Hi Sarah :)

    Another super, beautiful project! I must admit I love mckinkle's idea. Can see that working well on a scrapbook page, with a gorgeous pic of baby in the middle surrounded by a 'chain' of them with all baby's info in :)

    I've only used these little guys before to highlight journaling on scrapbook pages, but love what you've done on the notebook fronts ... they are really cute!

    Teri xx

  10. Hi
    I think I would use these to make a really super wedding momento instead of a guest book. Ask all the guests to sign on the pages, then mount them and string them all together, all to co ordinate with the wedding colours and with a photo of the happy couple on the front. At least, this has given me an idea for my son's wedding next year. Love the blog and great inspiration. Love Terri XX

  11. Love your idea ..and all the ones Ive just read!!

    Id put a photo behind 4 of them,pretty them up ..attatch to 4 coasters and add a base and join them all up with my BIA and use on my desk asa pot for my pens..xx

  12. I love the the note books, id use it for a diary
    or just a genarel pad, love the designs and the colours,
    Just can not wait to get back to school
    HA HA HA!!!!!!!!, hope you had a great easter



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