Sunday, 19 April 2009

Been Playing!!!

I have been trying out different locations in and around my house and garden today to try and find a place to take better photos.

I tried the living room,
This football card, inspired by my SU Mum, Jules is for my friends son next week, and the Daisy card below is the actual card I'm giving to my SIL.

then the garden table,

then the bins

and then the climbing frame.

The climbing frame and the bins are, obviously, not the best locations.
So looks like it will be the living room and garden table from now on.
Also a few people have asked how I get my close ups so clear. I have a really good function on my camera, which is a 3' by 4' Canon Powershot A520, nothing special. But it allows you to take foliage pictures and then through the manual focus get up really close and personal.
So nothing to do with my skills as a photographer, its all down to the camera.
For inside shots I use the 'Underwater' function and again this allows you to get right up close. I find that this function gives my pictures a warm hue, (hark at me getting all technical), I dont want to seem patronising but it just basically means redder tone to the pictures.
Sorry for the long an waffly post, but promise I'll be back tomorrow with a project, believe it or not spent all day photographing these two cards forgot to photograph the project I wanted to post.
Let me know what you think about the locations of the piccies and which you prefer.
Thanks Hugs Sarah B X
Well done all of those who won my give away


  1. Hey Sarah B! I kinda like the pics taken on the climbing frame - nice and fresh! I've attempted to take some close up pics myself today but don't feel so frustrated now I know you have a fancy camera LOL! Though I'm sure those lovely pics aren't just down to the camera ;o)

  2. Sarah both cards are fab but Daisy is just gorgeous!!!

  3. Two great cards Sarah, I think I like the pictures taken on the garden table best.

    Natalie x

  4. Lovely cards! I prefer the garden table shots but lets just hope that we can keep the weather that will enable them all to be taken out there!!
    Keryn :D

  5. Fab card- amazing what a difference it makes depending on where you take the photos!! Thanks for joining us for the PTW challenge! x


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