Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Day 2 Giveaway!

Hello All Hope you are well, I have to say what a way to get inspiration and ideas, yesterday was great.

Will announce each days winner at the end of the giveaway, along with the overall winner of the Bumper Pack.

Now for Today's giveaway.
I have to let you in to a little secret, when I do these giveaways sometimes I have not got a clue what I'd do next and today was no exception.

I was looking through my stash for ideas of what I have not used. I just couldn't think, so came on the computer and blog hopped.

And there at Chic'n'scratch was the perfect idea.

I used a petal card die from Sizzix, not used it for a while. If you visit Angie's blog there is a video tutorial about how to make this gorgeous little holder.

I even inked up my Forest Friends Stamp Set, from The Mini, for the first time to do this project.

Ok so today's giveaway, is twenty of these Petal Card dies, in white card. There are great to cover, but keep one for a template.
I will also include 10 cut from white paper to use as envelopes, if you decide to have a go at this project.

So leave me some comments about what you would do with this die.

Can't wait to read your fab ideas.

I'm going to play today and try out the ideas from yesterday, Have a great day and I look forward to hearing from you!

Hugs Sarah B X


  1. Hi Sarah, another great idea from you! Lovely image of the wise owl! Id ring bind a few together and cover/alter them to give as a wedding 'card'. Using the wedding colour of course and even some small photo's of the couple.
    Tied off with lots of pretty ribbons and scattered with some bling!

  2. Hiya,
    First thing that came into my head was a star card,
    hugs Lilacanglia

  3. Hi! First, I love your blog. Thank you for the chance to play. I would make a cute box & attach the owl. God bless!

  4. Hi Sarah

    Because it finishes as a heart shape I would make it for my hubby for our anniversary / his birthday / valentines/ christmas. Then I would fill it with lots of little cards of promises for him. You know, things like - I promise not to nag for one whole day, I owe you one romantic dinner, I promise to wash the car at least once,and perhaps a few more for his eyes only!! LOL

    As always, another fab project. Love Terri XX

  5. I would use it as a wedding momento and ask each of the guests to put a message on a card and place it in the heart - would put a photo of the bride and groom on the front (don't know where I would put the owl though!!)
    lovely idea!
    love Elaine x

  6. Hi ,i have just found your blog and i have to say you cards and projects are stunning ,love them all ,hugs Dawnxxxx
    i live in mansfield too xxx small world

  7. Hi
    A lovely idea from yourself again I will checkout your friends blog.
    I would use them to make Snap/ Pairs card game as a gift for a child.You could put stamp images inside two of each design (Animals, Letters, Numbers,Etc)
    I think they would make a great present and then make a matching presentation box xx

  8. Sarah, you latest projects are stunning!


  9. Hi great blog love all the ideas. I would fold in half and then glue three together to make a three d shape and thread through with beads & ribbbon for a lovely girly hanging. Hope that makes sense!

  10. I would use iot in the heart shape ..cover 4 with PP and add the letters L O V E ,one on each,and then add a hole and eyelet to each to join together with ribbons and hang on the wall,just like bunting,in my DD it would need to be pink!!

    Loving your creations..cant wait to see the next..sorry I dont have a blog to share ..x


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