Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Reveal and Release!

Well thank you for your ideas, I found it really hard to choose between two names Drawer 'n' Store or Drawer Galore, so asked Emily which she preferred and she chose
Thanks Jules, I've e-mailed you the template, and the completed and decorated box will be winging its way to you soon.
I'll be back later to show you the final decorated box.
If you are interested in purchasing the template and tutorial click on the Buy Now button below the box.
Thanks again
Hugs Sarah B X
PS: I have some very exciting news which I will hopefully be sharing with you very soon soon pop back again.


  1. Great name for it...Congrats Jules! :0)
    I got sidetracked (as per usual!) and never got back!
    I think i might just have to have one of those templates though...I love making things like that ^.^
    *Mind you...not that I've made the other one yet! tut :)

  2. Congratz Jules must say i loved the name soon as i saw it on the entry :)
    Mel x

  3. Hey Sarah, I'd love to get one of your boxes. But I'd like to know it's size first. Ive been looking for something to hold all my finished cards, and this just might do. Do you have a place on your blog where you have all your patterns, their sizes and their prices listed? That would be very helpful! Thanks


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