Wednesday, 22 July 2009

I'm having a competition........

Template is ready so hurry with those names, it goes on sales tomorrow
..........for anyone who is interested!

I am working on photographing the tutorial for my latest template and need a name for it.

This is part of it!

The prize.......

The template and tutorial details plus I'll send a completed Creation (different to the one above)

If you are interested, post details of this competition on your blog

anyone can enter (in UK and Europe, sorry USA), maybe when I'm rich and famous!LOL!)

So lets kick of the Holiday with some fun and get those names rolling in Please!!!!!

Hugs Sarah B X

PS: Competition closes on Wednesday, 22nd July, 2009, when the Template and Tutorial will be available for purchase!


  1. Hmmmm...dum de dum...I'll need to charge my lickle brain cell for this!!! lol

  2. "From the Desk of.."

  3. Great idea Sarah, I will post on my blog asap. My idea for the name of your tutorial is Drawer and Store!!!! I like thr rhyming element! Jules x

  4. Oh this is gorgeous, I will definitely have to have a think about this Sarah. Thanks for the chance of winning this wonderful creation. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

  5. Hi Sarah,
    This is so stunning i just love it and as for a name here goes :- Beautiful Bureau as it reminds me of a beautiful old bureau i once had :)
    Off to spread the word on a pic link on my side bar hugz Mel x

  6. wow... this is a great work!!! I love this!!
    The name could be... "Art of organizer" or... "create and storage" or.. "order on the desk"
    I really love your work and my brain things 1000 ideas...

    hugs elisabetta

  7. Hi Sarah
    A tough one but give it a go, as i love this little design, so shall we say (DRAWER GALORE)
    hugs Dbera

  8. Could it be called a
    "Slot and Slide organiser

  9. Hello,
    Sorry it's taken me a while to come up with a name! brain isn't working at mo!! Here is what I thought, how about "Desk Top Box"
    O.K. thats the best I could come up with :0)
    Hope you find a good name, Hugs

  10. ok I know this is maybe a bit off the wall, but what about the "nest chest"
    the drawer is the chest part
    and the bit for popping stuff in at the top would be the nest
    ok will go and hide in a corner now lol
    btw its absolutely stunning, really fancy your cantilever box too

  11. another fab project. Could be 'book 'a' drawer', 'cupboard of fun'. Not very imaginative but a name all the same.

    I love your work.

    Emma xx

  12. What a gorgeous little piece! Loving the green and the little girl is so cute! What about bureaux de Sage (supposed to sound like bureaux de change!!) or oh Pen Sesame (you put pens in the top and you have to say Oh pen sesame and then the drawer will magically open all by itself!!!). Sorry that's all I can come up with as it getting late here in old blighty and I think I need some sleep! Love all of your creations though and I'm glad I've stumbled across you, Love Jane xx

  13. Ohhh I love your work, and woudl love to spend an afternoon crafting side-by-side, I coudl learn so very much from you :) In the meantime, I've given you a blog award, go check it out :)


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