Thursday, 28 May 2009


She didn't like this card, she thought the image on the front looked like a boy, I'm soooooo glad it was my friend who dealt with it, I think I would have cried, it took such a long time to make!!!!
Ah well, some you win some you don't
Hugs Sarah B X


  1. Well don't be disheartened flower, it's stunning! No accounting for taste! x

  2. OMG Sarah!!!! Like a boy, with a hat with flowers on and a long plait!!!!! Hmmmmm, anyway, you can save it for my birthday in a months time, I will be sure to appreciate it but please take the 90 of before you send it to me!!!!! Joking aside, hope you are OK, its hard not to take things personally! Hugs Momma Jules xxxx

  3. you cant please everyone hun and shes mad not to like it xx

  4. AWwwwwwwwww Sarah
    I am not quite shaw of all the story but if its the card underneath this message it is beautiful and i know you must be devastated to here that news that she didn't like it, it doesn't look like a boy and it is a fantastic card, chin up lass
    big hugs Debra

  5. WHAT,
    She didnt like the sugar sugar card?
    she is mad,
    So sorry she didnt, theres plenty of others that do love it and will love it,

  6. What, not the sugar nellie one?! I'm so sorry to hear that but like you say, hey ho, you win some, you lose some. I'm sure you could make something else from what you have made by using the parts on several cards? Good Luck :0)
    ((Hugs)) Sarah-Jane xx

  7. Was it the 90 year old card? I think it's lovely, can't understand why they didn't like it.Oh well. I'd have been pleased if you made it for me (not that I'm 90 LOL!) hugs Clare x

  8. Oh hun it's obviously a case of delusion on their part! I would be thrilled to have such a card to give! If it's any consolation I really truly admire your work - I wish I was capable of creating such beauty with my promarkers!
    You definitely won this one sweetie, in fact - you rocked!

  9. Your colouring is just so flawless hun - it's amazing how you keep taking it up a notch! The card is sensational - anyone can see that! Look on the bright side, you get to hold onto this beauty a little longer (maybe until my birthday? lol) Sorry not around much - don't think my blogger issue is ever going to be solved (it's just touch & go every day with opening blogs, commenting etc) if this 'essay' doesn't go through I'm gonna cry lol

    p.s. thanks for sharing about your brother, I was so touched and also so sad for your loss. Take care, love Stephanie xxx

  10. You're joking, well there is really no accounting for taste! It is a stunning card. x


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