Friday, 15 May 2009

Gorjuss Giveaway......

This Giveaway is Now CLOSED!!
Right I have so much stuff now that I thought I'd think to share some of it with you, so I'm going to do another giveaway, (and its not even the holidays yet, LOL!!)

The Giveaway is a Set of Stamped Images, but not just any images,

The Gorjuss Girls Set 2

However, instead of just posting a comment or telling me how you would use them, I thought I'd make you work for them.

So the rules of the Giveaway

1. Name each of the new girls, based on there characteristics,

then tell me.....

2. Which Gorjuss Girl are you like?

3. Post a link on your blog, if you have one, telling everyone about my giveaway.

4. Have as many goes as you like, but with different ideas!

I'll draw a winner randomly on Friday 15th May, 2009 at 9.00pm

I'll ship internationally for this giveaway, so open to all

Hope all that makes sense!!!

I'm going to have a play so will post some photos of what I'm giving later.

If you like CC Design Stamps also, I'm thinking of a giveaway for some images I have of these too, so watch this space.

Good Luck everyone
Hugs Sarah B X


  1. Hi Sarah, great images for a fab giveaway. I think they're called.... Milly (cute) reminds me of my Emily, Lucy (shy), Dotty (caring), Lola (determined), Maisy (headstrong) and Sukie (angelic). I think I'm like Dotty as I try to be as caring as possible. Will post a link on my blog now. Thanks for the chance of winning. hugs Clare x

  2. Hiya Sarah,
    I would call them
    1- Sophie (Greek) - Wisdom (She looks wise!)

    2- Julia (Latin) - Youthful (She looks v young!)

    3- Chloe (Greek) - Blooming (A young lady!)

    4- Valeria (Latin / French) - Strong, healthy (Looks like she is in a yoga pose!)

    5- Molly (Latin) - From Mary, meaning “wish-for child; stubborn” (She looks V stubborn!)

    6- Elizabeth (Hebrew) - God is my oath

    I am like 'Molly' as I am quite stubborn at times! :) Will post about your giveaway on my blog shortly - Goodluck everyone xx

  3. Just seen this post - what a fantastic idea! lucky ladies!

  4. Wish I'd seen this one earlier, congrats girls



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