Sunday, 17 May 2009

I'm Excited!!!!!!!

Well it really doesn't take much, LOL!!!! I have been up since 5.30am. Have cleaned up my craft room and have photographed a new Tutorial.
Its all very hush hush cos I need to type it all up, but am going to post it some time this week.
There is only one condition, that you credit me with its creation if you decide to use it. Its especially for all those parent's who are looking for something different to give their children's teachers at the end of the year, I know I am!!!!
I know I would love to receive it, but can be adapted to other uses too!!!!!!!
I'm not one for blowing my own trumpet, and I find taking compliments very difficult, but I love it I really do, and I hope you will too!!!!
See you later
Hugs Sarah B X


  1. Must be something in the air because I too have been up since stupid o'clock. Looking forward to seeing your next creation. No doubt another stunner. Love Terri XX

  2. Cant wait to see what your new creation is :)

  3. Oh my - how exciting, I can hardly wait!!


  4. The excitment is building already - hope it's not too long a wait!!!

  5. Looking forward to seeing your new creation, watch out Lauren M!!! It will, no doubt, be fabulous!
    Hugs S.J. xx


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