Sunday, 13 June 2010

A Hard Card to Make.............

I know that bereavement cards are the hardest thing to make but I found this one particularly hard.
My Friend asked me to make a card for a friend of hers, that she just couldn't bring herself to do. So me being me said "No Problem".
I used this sweet image from Lili of the Valley, as I as told she like fairy type images. I know this one isn't a fairy, but I though the flowers made it suitable adn it has a fairy-like quality about it. Another request was that it be pink and purple and had the name and date on it.
I think this part is the most heart breaking!!!!!!!!
This is what I created. She wanted a card and a keepsake box.
I used some Stampin' Up Speciality Paper - more cardstock - for the background - The card comes in White, black and cream. So for this is dragged an ink pad across to get the right colour. The flowers are from the Stampin' Up Pretties kit, dyed to match the card.
I thought this sentiment from Stampin' Up was the most appropriate.
And finally the box.
Apparently the lady loved it!!! Phew!!!
I think the set is lovely but the occasion was unfortunate!!!! The young girl in quest died very quickly from a brain tumour, I can't possibly imagine what the parents are going through, but my Thought and prayers are with them.
Hugs Sarah B X


  1. you did a fantastic job! It's not an easy thing

  2. This is beautiful and I'm sure will be treasured.

  3. Sarah, this set its lovely and I agree it must be hard to make. It has really struck a chord with me as my beautiful cousin Rachel died very suddenly at the age of 8 almost 12 years ago. She was the most gorgeous bridesmaid at our wedding! Jules xx

  4. Oh, how sad, almost made me cry, I hate it when children die, it seems so cruel.

    Anyway, you did a wonderful job with the card and box, and I'm sure they will both be tucked away for many years to come.


    Judi xxx

  5. Wow Sarah. These are beautiful. I agree a difficult occasion to create for but you did an outstanding job and the sentiment and image are just so beautiful. I bet Abigail's parents were really touched! Hope you are well!
    Hugs, Vicky ~x~

  6. Oh - and you did her proud!

  7. Oh Gosh - that is just so hard....bless her heart


  8. They are beautiful.. but what a sad sad story xx

  9. Beautiful card and box, but such a sad present, but I expect one that will be treasured.

  10. Well done you did a fantastic job under very hard circumstances.
    I love it!

  11. Sarah this is a bautiful set for such a sad occasion. It makes you think how precious life is, my little girl is the same age.
    Angela x

  12. These are fabulous and so heartbreaking given the circumstances!!! Juliex

  13. Hi Sarah
    what a beautiful card and box. I know what you mean about it being hard to make bereavement card's. I had to make one a month ago for a beautiful girl (if ever an angel walked on this earth it was her). I really struggled with it, but in the end I too used a lily of the valley image (Swing Time).

    Sandra (craftynan)

  14. Sarah I don't think those parents could of asked for anything better to treasure their daughters memory, it is just perfectly stunning. Bereavement cards are always difficult but this one more so because of the age, not many of us can relate to what these parents are going through but I hope they can find some piece in her not suffering.
    Kim xXx

  15. Oh Sarah

    I'm reading this woth tears streaming down my face! Lordy, how haard was that to make?

    But just beautiful, you did your friend proud!


    Gayle x


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