Sunday, 9 May 2010

Promarker Tutorial Video - My First

THIS IS MY 2nd POST TODAY, please scroll down for my first.

Ok! I have redone this video and it has sound. (My god if this is what I sound like when I'm teaching no wonder the children fall asleep!!LOL!!) The light was going unfortunately so I may give it another go when there is more light!!

There are two videos as I have no worked out how to edit them together and my camera only does 3 minutes at a time!

There is a video just click on the play button on the bar below the black space!

Apparently there is an ongoing problem with uploaing straight to Blogger its not putting up a thumbnail to show whats on the video!

I would love some help and advice about doing this. I have to set a tripod up on the floor of my craft room, its a real pain, would love to know how everyone else does it!!!!

It takes ages to upload, I'm typing while its doing it so am rambling loads. I have used CC Designs Lil' Bug.

Still waiting, it's auto-saved about 5 times so far!!

All comments would be appreciated!!

Hugs Sarah B X


  1. Hi Sarah, i think i may be a bit of a voyeur, he he, i love to see what other people are up to, but after saying that, we all hate how our voices sound recorded, i think you gotta say something, it feel kinda weird just watching you. After seeing yours i may have to give it a try, i went to get a tripod a couple of weeks ago for my camera, still never got round to it. I promise if you say something i will record my fog horn, he he

  2. We definitely need a voice lol but it was great to watch especially the way you coloured as all other videos I have seen have always said about colouring in circular motions but I noticed you didn't but still got the same effect. More please!!
    Kim xXx

  3. This is great - I think you should put text over it - quite liked that I could just sit and watch it in the same room as hubby watching tv and he didnt get grumpy!


  4. Huh?! I am confused lol Just watched your tutorials, and there is sound - Can hear you talking! lol :) Very good video, am off to have a play! Thanks xx


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