Tuesday 14 April 2009

Two Awards........Wow!!

I am always surprised when I receive an award, and I really appreciate the fact that you lovely ladies out there enjoy the things I do!
Thank You!
My First award is from Clare

I think so many of us know at the moment Clare has gone through a tough time recently, but she never fails to visit and leave lovely comments. I too faced similar probs recently and it is warming to know we are all in the same boat, but this blogging lark, keeps us going and sharing away from the **** of life.

My next award is from Toni. I so glad I can make someone smile, Thanks Honey!

I love visiting both ladies blogs cos they so inspirational.
Now the hard part about receiving an award..... who to pass it onto!!!!!
OK I think I'll send the Uber Amazing award to
And the second award I'm going to pass onto to
There are always so many more to give these awards to, I love everyones' blogs I visit.
I'll be back later with a surprise!!!!
Hugs Sarah B X


  1. Thank you so much Sarah, I love getting awards! Is it cheeky to display it even when I'm not blogging anymore? lol xxx

  2. Congratulations on your awards, they are well deserved. x


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