Tuesday 7 April 2009

Hi Everyone!

Right I'm doing another tutorial today, but this one will not be on my blog, More details of How to get hold of it when I have done it. See you later!
Hugs Sarah B X
PS: I've tidied my Craft Room again!!!!!
I might share if enough of you comment.


  1. Thank you for the tutorial yesterday,
    and looking forward to this one today,

  2. You are a busy bee Sarah....I seem to be forever tidying my craft room, hate working in a mess. I bet you have yours so organised!


  3. Morning Sarah
    cant wait for today tutorial...ive not tryed out yesterday one yet..hopefully today....im forever tidying my craft desk..cause ive not much storage..i just seem to get everything out,cause ive forgotten where ive put things..lol
    im not at all organised..lol

  4. Yes please, me being the nosey sort would love to look round your craft room!! Mine is all over the dining table as per usual !! Fab tutorial yesterday BTW, very clever.
    Hugs S.J. xx

  5. Hello sarah cant wait to see your tutorial mum might possibly give it a go.Don't forget me with your giveaways say hello to cameron and Emily for me from josh.....xxxxx

  6. Hope the tutorial goes well. Speaking of cleaning craft rooms, I need to clean my craft desk!!!


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