Saturday 11 April 2009

My Craft Room!!!!!!

My Craft Room!
I am so lucky to have a separate room for all my stuff. I love hiding away and creating in here.
Anybody who knows me will know that it doesn't look like this for long, but I have managed to keep it like this for 3 days!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!

These are my much prized Punches, and colouring pens.

These rails are form Ikea and are ideal for holding punches out of the way!

This is the area I keep all the stuff I use a lot

My working area!
I know I'm really lucky to have such a big area to work at and I love it, especially with it having such a big window, lots of natural light and I can keep an eye, rather ear on the children.
The is no longer, it has been replace as I type with a newer one.

I would like better storage, probably like kitchen cupboards, but money is tight at the moment, and we have only had these book cases for 6 years, but I'll get there!!!
I hope you liked the sneaky peak at my little haven.
Have a lovely Easter!
Hugs Sarah B X


  1. your welcome! can't wait for the next one!

  2. What a fabulous room, I am so jealous. x

  3. WOW: Lovely to see your work space :) Well done on keeping it tidy for the past three days, that's great news! (I wish I could) lol.

    Thanks for sharing your pictures.

    Alex x

  4. I am positively drooling here Sarah - I would love to come over & play one day!! What a fantastic space & so much stuff to play with too!! xxx

  5. Ooh i'd love to come and look through all your stuff! I'm drooling at the sight of all those SU punches! What a great craft room.

  6. ~Thanks for the peek at your craft space, love seeing how other people store their craft stash. I've got one of those rails from Ikea which DH was supposed to be putting up the other night. I cleared the work surface which in itself was a feat, he started drilling and then the house was plunged into darkness..... Rail is now sat in a corner of my craft room and looks like it will be staying there for the foreseeable future boo hoo.
    Sam x


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