Sunday 12 April 2009

New Lady to Blog Land!!!!

Hi Everyone, Happy Easter Just a quick post, as I'm off to Mothers for my annual Dinner!!!!! Missed it 7 years ago cos I went into labour with my son!!!
Anyway just wanted to let you know a Lady I meet (thru e-mail) has set up a blog. Her name is Penni, If you have chance pop by and have a look!!
Have a lovely day and eats lots of chocolate, diets can always start tomorrow, mine does X X
Hugs Sarah B X


  1. Hope you have a super time,

  2. Hi Sarah
    Happy Easter, have a fun day.
    by the way the link when you click on Pennie doesn't work so we can't check her blog, i'll try later when you have amended.
    hugs Debra

  3. Well Done Sarah, i'll go and have a peek and welcome her.
    hugs Debra


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