Sunday, 18 April 2010

At Last.........Colouring Hair with Promarkers

At last I have been able to sort out the next part to my Promarker Colouring Tutorial. Work has been so tiring this week, not really been fit for anything by the time I have gotten home.
Anyway hoping to get lots made today's as everything is done, only got the ironing but will do that much, much later!!!!
Ok so here goes,
Tutorial No. 2a: Hair:
I use allsorts of colours for the hair, I particularly like Burnt Orange, looks lovely! But here cos of the papers I intend to use I am going to do Blonde Hair, but this same process could be used for other colours and I'll explain at the end, what I do.
1. Using SANDSTONE I usually colour where I imagine the dark shade is usually with blond it tends to be at the roots. Also where the shadow would be around the face and behind the front sections.
2. Then using MUSTARD I go back over the SANDSTONE and extra leaving the ends for a lighter shade and Highlights. As you can see going over the SANDSTONE with the MUSTARD it blends the two colours together.
3. Then using BUTTERCUP I go over the whole of the hair again, this time colouring all the uncoloured areas. This really blends all the colours well.
4. Finally I go over the darker areas again with SANDSTONE just to give the hair a little more depth.
I hope you have found this useful.
For other colours all I do is choose 3 shades and then do the same again, but make sure the darker is first, followed by the middle shade and finally the lighter shade.
Thanks for all your lovely comments. Which part would you like to see coloured next. For a future Tutorial, I was thinking of making a card from start to finish, I know there are a lot of experienced crafters out there but I'm sure there are some people who are new and hopefully, it will, help so if you have any tips to share, let me know and I'll include them too!
Right I'm off to craft and play. And get ready for my fabulous news which involves my favourite stamps!!!!
Have a lovely day, the sun is shining already and its only 7 o'clock.


  1. Thanks, for sharing!! Ooooh I'm putting 2+2 together - your news sounds very exciting!!!
    Angela x

  2. Hi Sarah,
    thank you for your wonderful tutorial it will really help me i do struggle with shading and was delighted you were showing us blonde hair!!
    i would love to see your new tut on card start to finish x
    i enjoy your blog your cards are fab and colourful x
    Suzie qx

  3. Wow that's fab, thank you for sharing xxx

  4. Thanks for this tutroial - I have managed to blend the skin, but the hair had got the better of me! :) Off to have a play now xx

  5. Thank you so much for sharing! I just love your new promarker tutorials, they are easy to follow, even for non-english speaking like me :0) And the stamp is so cute! Waiting in excitement for new postings!

  6. Thanks for your help with the colouring xx

  7. Thanks for another great tutorial, it is so good to see a different person's angle on things.
    Kim xXx

  8. Hi, great instructions for colouring, will give it a go when I'm next playing. The promarkers are great for colouring aren't they

  9. Thank you for the tutorial, blond hair is my nemesis.


  10. Wonderful tutorial and awesome coloring!

  11. Fab tutorial - thank you so much! :)

    I find blonde's more forgiving, and havent had any luck with black/silver or browns, but now you have put it in plain english I will give the 3 shades a go! :)
    thanks again xx

  12. Thanks Sarah, I love my Promarkers and really enjoy seeing how other people use them. Very useful. LOL Bxx

  13. Fabulous Sarah, really appreciate you taking the time to educate.

  14. Cheers - always needed help with blonde hair as I never quite got it to look right. Thanks for the help here.Need a Buttercup now along with tan and another that escapes my mind right now.

  15. fab tutorial Sarah. i love your tutorials - thats how I first came accross your blog.. when I was searching for promarker tutorials!

    Can't wait to hear your news!! :)

  16. thank you so much for the tutorial, it's great :)


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