Saturday, 14 February 2009

My Beautiful 10 Year Old!

Gosh what a week for reflection. I can't believe my little baby is 10 years old. She has grown up so much, its hard to believe.
I thought I would show you the card I made for her birthday.

I think on such as special day, a card was not enough, so I create a keepsake of her ten years.I made this mini book, I love making mini books for special occasions.

Ballet and Tap Dancing is her thing. She has performed in many pantomimes and dancing shows that this image was an absolute must, and I do love the Whipper Snapper style.

She is just as cute as Emily! And I love the Circle of Friendship from SU.

A new trend, word books, is something I thought I would incorporate, too.

And I love the new stamps from Smirk, this is on the page with Emily and her best friend!

Some memorable times in Emily's life. The arrival of her Brother, and starting school!

What a lovely holiday this was, I love this photo.

Well here's to another memorable 10 years.


  1. Awwwh, This si georgous, I bet she was thrilled, you did a fantastic job, Glad you are feeling better, S.J. xx

  2. Awww Sarah - what a beautiful & delightful keepsake for your daughter :)
    I use to laugh when people said things like 'they grow up so fast' and now I just can't believe how fast it is!! xxx

  3. Thanks for being lovely Sarah but I suspect the reason for my hits is my Blog Candy's LOL xxx

  4. Emily will treasure this forever I'm sure looks wonderful as usual joshua thinks it's fantastic...

  5. Sarah, what a beautiful book and something your daughter will no doubt treasure for years to come.


  6. Gorgeous Sarah, really lovely keepsake, my Ross is 10 in June, you have inspired me to do one for him! Jules

  7. How did your evening go? let us know on Jems!! xxx

  8. Hi, Just found your blog via Steph's blog. What a lovely keepsake for your daughter's 10th birthday. x

  9. Oh, what a lovely keepsake for your daughter, it's such a beautiful mini book! I love the that you used a mixture of Whipper Snapper images, Smirk images and Stampin' Up!

    Thanks for sharing,

    Alex x


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