Monday, 16 February 2009


The Lucky person to receive this kit is ....................................
Well done honey, I have your address already. Am going to send all the kits out at the end of the week so you should receive them early next week.
Pop by again tomorrow to see what the giveaway is for Day 3. Remember be the 3rd person to leave a comment to receive the Kit.
I'll moderate again at 7.00pm so nobody will know if they have won til then.


  1. Oh WOW!! Boy am I glad I was cheeky this morning LOL. I'm sitting here with a smile from ear to ear, mostly because I won but partly because I was naughty and won. Thanks so much, can't wait for next week. I promise I won't leave 3 tomorrow!

  2. Right Jeannette... This is war!!! Gonna race you tommorrow !!! he,he only joking, well done hun, even if you did give yourself a little extra help !! Sarah-Jane xx

  3. Don't know if 'cheeky' is the right word LOL (well done Jeannette - I'm just jealous) x


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