Saturday, 17 January 2009

Blog Addicted

Well I have to say creating and editing a blog is very addictive and I hope the feeling continues. I will post a photo of a creation later just waiting to for the sun to come up. I've been reading a few blogs and have thought about what I could write.

Like Steph, a Jem like me, my motivation was to do something different. My life is already busy being a mum of two and a Primary School Teacher. But I have felt lately than I need a new challenge and what could be more challenging than making my life even busier. I hope whoever visits my blog will enjoy the creations they see and would leave a comment. Bye for now will post a picture soon!

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  1. It realy is addictive isn't it?!! But so much fun! Steph xxx p.s. I've added you to my favourites so will be checking in everyday (no pressure lol)


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