Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Oh Wonderful Day!!!!

Hi all. Can I just start by saying, today has been a much better day than yesterday, despite being stuck in traffic for two hours this morning heading down the motorway for a science course. It was brilliant. The speaker was lively, real and brill!!!!!
My group have been singing and dancing, I've been part of The water cycle, and the green in a food chain. What more could one want. Its been refreshing to be out of the classroom for a day, at least!

Also a big thank you to Jeanette for the award, I really appreciate it.

As I'm new to this I'm assuming I pass it onto five other bloggers. So here they are in no particular order:
I hope this is right.

Now that the important stuff is done, today's projects.

These project were made using templates from Which Craft UK. They are a fantastic company with good customer services and very prompt delivery. I took them on holiday with me. Whilst shopping one day I came across a lovely little shop in North Wales called the Lemon Tree (which reminded me of the song). It was one of those shops which sold gifts and exclusive items, meaning very expensive. I'm telling you this coz this is where the paper came from. Can you believe it was wrapping paper. Far too good to wrap a present. So I bought all the shop had, about 10 sheets, went back to our cottage and made this collection of gift boxes

This is the inside of the tall box, isn't it lovely and unusual. I have a thing for templates and 3-D objects.

This template was also from Which Craft UK. It is for one matchbox, but decided to make a mini chest of drawers. You could give a matching necklace, earrings and bracelet. Unfortunately I liked them so much i had to keep them, despite the fact that my mum wanted them. Had to make her a set of her own!!!!!!

Hope you like, let me know.


  1. Sarah, these boxes are stunning, thank you for the lovely award.


  2. Yay on the award front Sarah - whoop! lol you certainly deserve it honey - I mean, look at the amazing things you do with paper!! You're right about the wrapping paper - it's scrummy, & even scrummier as the fancy gift boxes :) xxx

  3. Glad you have had a better day Sarah, thanks for the award, Hugs, Jules xxxx Fab boxes and drawers, very clever.

  4. oooh, thanks for my award Sarah, I appreciate it!! xxxx

    Elizabeth :)

  5. Lovely boxes Sarah, Georgeous wrapping paper, sometimes things just grab you don't they !?! Very well done for your award, you deserve it,
    Sarah-Jane xx


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