Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Completed Craftroom - 5 days!!!!!!

Blimey what a week it has been, I'm totally knackered!!!!

Have finally finished my craftroom, so if you are interested, sit back and enjoy the tour.
As you walk in and turn to the left this is the sight that greets you, not sure everything is going to stay where it is, when I start working things may move.

I really pondered the worktop choice and final decided on two tables from IKEA, only £30 each, bargain, one is where I will work and the other one is for my class on Tuesday's.

Here is where I have put my Bigshot, Cuttlebug and Expressions, but I'm not 100% yet what is going to stay!! I may still get rid of bits and pieces to make room on the shelves, for these to live when I'm not using them! I have 2 Bind-it-alls, bought them bought for classes, If anyone is interested I'll take offers for one.

Here is where my Copics and Promarkers are going to live as they are used constantly, along with my tool tote. I don't know about you guys but I still haven't found anything to keep my tools in that I am totally happy with. The red things on the window still is Emily's Foot Mould that was made when she was 1.

Here is the sight that greets you as you walk in the room. Its fully now, this photo was taken yesterday as I was sorting. I'll work from left to right.

Here are most of my Sizzix Dies, I think I had forgotten what I had, but can't bare to part with them. My Billy Bookcase is going to look after them though! There is a second Bookcase which you can see that is housing my SU inks, til I buy the storage unit!
Now here is where I have put, my SU stamps, almost floor to ceiling, Benno DVD Towers, brilliant, adjustable shelves so you can have them to the heights you need! The other one has various bits and pieces, but its the third one I love! All those jars with bits of ribbon, Just like a rainbow.
More ribbons, I have absolutely loads!!!!! The shelves on the wall were £2.49 each and are perfect for Martha Stewart and New SU Punches. OH!! There is a gap, will have to purcahse a few more to sort that problem out!!!
And more SU and EK Success Punches, the baskets have gone, I don't really use all these anymore.
Three more shelves with yummy MS Punches, and my collection of Cricut Cartridges! Plus a lovely Halloween Card front from Ria.
Now this bit was the part of our trip to IKEA which caused a discussion. Emily thought I ought to go for Black and White, but Andy thought a bit of colour would be better, so went with orange and white. Again these where a bargain. The magazine holders hold a complete set of Colour family Card!!!! Good excuse to stock up!!
The CD Boxes underneath have all my stamps in !!!!!
Hope you have enjoyed the tour.
Now I might go and create my first card!!!
Have a lovely evening, thanks for popping by and Thank you for all you lovely comments!!
hugs Sarah B X


  1. WOW, what a wonderful craft room, you are soooooo lucky. Really clean and tidy and loads of great storage. LOVE your stash, can I come round and play :)

  2. Oh that looks great sooo jealous xx

  3. Hi Sarah,
    wow how super organised are you now!!
    your room looks absolutely fab i am looking forward to my trip to ikea when i have some spare cash x
    Suzie qx

  4. Loving all your new storage....still waiting for my hubby to put my rails up for my punches....and waiting!! Wish my craftroom was so tidy, neat and organised.

  5. All I can say is, that there is an awful lot of oooohing & arghing going on this end!
    It's beautiful & thanks for sharing
    Hugz from an extremely jealous Fleur xXx

  6. wow, wow, wow .... how gorgeous.

  7. wow wha a fab craft room..puts my little cupboard to have so much stuff!!


    BTW...I just discovered your blog..fab cards

  8. OMG, you are a lucky girl. Your new room is amazing. I'm jealous.

  9. Wow: This looks fabulous! Lucky you :) Loving all your glass jars of ribbons especially. Thanks for sharing pictures of your lovely craft room.

    Alex x

  10. I am so jealous. It looks like a brilliant creating space.

  11. Wow!!! Sarah this is absolutely gorgeous. Love all your shelving and how you have organised it all. Must be great to have a craft room. I still use the kitchen table, although I have one set of these shelves from Ikea and they are brilliant. Enjoy your new room and look forward to seeing your new creations. Donna

  12. Hi Sarah
    WOW WOW WOW I knew I shouldn't have looked, I am soooooo GREEN with envy. I am going to show my hubby your blog tonight, in the hope that he will get on with my new craft space. I soooooooo want to be able to find things once again, I have run out of space in my craft room, so everything is piled up on top of each other. I can't wait now to get to Ikea, and buy all their wonderful storage thingy's & shelves etc etc the list is endless rotfl.
    Thank you for showing us your fantastic crafting space. Can't wait to see what fantastic creations you come up with.

    Sandra (craftynan)

  13. OMG you have a craft store in your own home! How cool is that! Love your room!!!
    Hope to meet up at the NEC!!! Yippee I'm so excited!!!
    Hugs, Dena

  14. Fantastic craft room Sarah, you must be really pleased! Niki x

  15. totally fabby I love it, and think good choice from hubby on the orange and white. Think I need to go to Ikea! lol... as this has certainly got me thinking (again) that my craft room needs a revamp.. xx You musst be a very happy gal now. x

  16. Oh Sarah, I just loved the tour. You lucky girl! Such a beautiful room to craft in and I envy you all your stash - love the ribbon and those MS punches.... enjoy! It turned out very nicely indeed. hugs Sharon xxx


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